Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.

Optus appears to be in denial about internal congestion at certain times of the day, and even more so during school holidays .
I experience the same problems at peak periods. It's not just overseas stuff either.

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


Hey Chris,

do you usually connect using an Ethernet cable or WiFi? If you're connecting though WiFi we always recommend to try via Ethernet to see if that improves speeds and stability of the connection.


Do you know what internet plan you're currently on?  Most of our new plans have the Premium speed pack included at no cost and built into the plan, but if you're on an older plan you might be able to have it removed.

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Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


Had varied speeds all year. I signed up in Jan and its been up and down from the go.

I have the speed pack and honestly its worse than the slow adsl I just had at my previous house.

I have had cable in this same house a year earlier, for about 5 years without the speed pack. It was better in the past .


Please sort it out or start refunding me for all the months I've patiently said nothing in the hope it would be fixed.

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


I have had the exact same experience. I am convinced Optus is shaping and prioritising traffic to the speedtest sites, so it looks better than it is.


I'm getting a little tired of paying for crappy speeds

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.

any optus reps here.?
I just had optus cable installed at Wetherill park/Smithfield nsw. anyway ive also got the speedpack feature, however ive noticed that during peak times the speeds are very poor. I was on 12mb adsl, and going by the optus speed tests and just general browsing, the I get lower speeds than I did while on adsl.
Is optus already looking into this as Wetherill park/Smithfield/Fairfield area?

Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


Re: Extremely slow cable speeds.


It is amazing to see years later this issue is still the same,


I have numerous complaints and the only answer i have received since 2013 is that Optus is completing upgrades.


I am in the process of taking this matter very far and will not stop until something is done.



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