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Occasional Contributor GR1
Occasional Contributor

Re: Extremely Slow speed 2Mbps~7Mbps on Cable (supposed to be 100Mbps)

It looks like the TIO is our only course of action.... 1800 062 057. If they recieve enough complaints Optus may be forced to offer some form of compensation. 


If you can change ISPs I would look into moving away from Optus. We are stuck. Have been on Optus cable since it became available. Any form of ADSL in our area is patchy at best (distance from exchange & old copper) and no Telstra cable. NBN may show up, but probably not in my lifetime.

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RetiredModerator Hollie

Re: Extremely Slow speed 2Mbps~7Mbps on Cable (supposed to be 100Mbps)

Hi Guys


If you're experiencing ongoing slow internet speeds I'd suggest contacting tech support on 131344, they can run through some further testing and if they deem there's congestion at your local exchange/NODE they may be able to also advise an estimated time frame for upgrades. 


I agree as a country we are using more data than ever before - I don't think that Netflix is the only reason for this though. We all use the internet every day for everything from checking our bank account, uploading a new selfie or doing our job. We are definitely aware of the increased data usage on our Network and are working on and rolling out fixes and upgrades as soon as we are able.

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Occasional Contributor GR1
Occasional Contributor

Re: Extremely Slow speed 2Mbps~7Mbps on Cable (supposed to be 100Mbps)

I appreciate your reply, Hollie,  but it shouldn't be up to us (customers) to individually chase tech support for upgrade schedules. How about Optus customer service doing their job and informing us, using this forum and the network status page, about the progress of upgrades etc. 


Your comments on internet usage is just wrong.... Internet banking, online shopping and even gaming need very little bandwidth. Streaming video is the biggest bandwidth hog. Even 720p video can use 1GB per hour (about 2Mbps). Yes, Netflix isn't the only culprit... there's YouTube, Twitch, Presto, Stan, Foxtel Play, ABC iView, SBS OnDemand etc etc....

At 3Mbps or less our service has degraded to the point where most of these services can't be used.


Calling tech support does very litle except waste time. You can spend up to an hour on hold and then the call may drop out and you have to start again. When you do speak to someone the coversation goes like this....


I expalin problem: They suggest re-booting router: (this doesn't improve things): They suggest checking the RF cable and then ethernet cables: (this doesn't fix anything either): They then check the 'node' and inform me that there is a lot of congestion (I know this already because of this.......

Router stats.jpg

If you look closely you will see that the 'Collisions' figure is much higher then the 'Rx Packets' figure. Every time there is a collision the data is either lost or the router has to request the the packet is re-sent.) 


Ok... back to tech support.... I ask when the congestion is likely to be fixed: They can't tell me or it's 'next month': But it was 'next month' last month.... very frustrating.


This is about as far as it gets, every time. I am not calling tech support again. I would like someone from Customer service to 'own' the bandwidth problem. Optus may not want to post its upgrade schedule on a public forum, but you know our email addresses. 


As I have posted in another thread... Long-time Optus cable customers have developed work/social habits that are based on access to a reliable, high-speed internet connection. We are now not getting this service yet we are still paying for it. Many of us are incurring extra mobile phone charges as we are using 4G data at home instead of switching to wi-fi because any more than one or two devices connected to our routers degrades he service even further.


 Please..... let us know when the banwidth issue will be fixed and do it soon. This forum is rapidly filling up with very annoyed Optus customers. A lot of them will very quickly become ex-customers if we feel that we are not being listened to.

Contributor Crustypete

Re: Extremely Slow speed 2Mbps~7Mbps on Cable (supposed to be 100Mbps)

Great post GR1.


I think you have nailed the problem and their "tech support" bullshit line. You will never get that wasted time back.


I have gone to the Telecommunications Ombudsman and Optus have until this Thursday to reply to me. If not the TIO asked me to go back to them so they will escalate. If they beleive it is widespread (which it clearly is) they will refer it to another agency for investigation. I am sure they are quivering in their boots akin to being flogged with a wet lettuce.


I consider their advertising of their ponzi scheme as immoral if not illegal. They cannot deliver so is this fraud? I hope the TIO can tell me. It is not getting any better (support, information or performance). I have been with them for over 10 years but I am looking to find an alternative.

Occasional Contributor GR1
Occasional Contributor

Re: Extremely Slow speed 2Mbps~7Mbps on Cable (supposed to be 100Mbps)

Thanks Crustypete.


I await your TIO deadline. I also logged a complaint with the TIO after I read one of your earlier posts. I am being realistic about this.... the TIO won't magically force Optus to ingrease bandwidth overnight. What I would like to see is at least some proactive customer service. Optus should be telling us what is being done to rectify the problem of slow speeds on Cable/ADSL and at least offering its LOYAL customers some meaningful compensation for not recieving the advertised service.


At least 3 Optus ads on Seven 2 this afternoon touting the 'Unlimited' broadband plans. The least the TIO should do is enforce a moratorium on any new advertising until the Optus network has the capacity to cater for more users.

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Re: Extremely Slow speed 2Mbps~7Mbps on Cable (supposed to be 100Mbps)

I submitted a complaint to TIO three days ago.
They said if nothing is resolved for me by June 25th to contact back.
I honestly cant see this getting fixed anytime soon. Wouldnt Optus atleast give us an ETA?
So far I have seen nothing, not even an awareness to the issue post. Just your standard "call tech support" and restart your router bullshit.

Occasional Contributor katarina_aikio
Occasional Contributor

Re: Extremely Slow speed 2Mbps~7Mbps on Cable (supposed to be 100Mbps)

Don't believe the bull from Optus...


The standard excuse of "traffic" doesn't wash. If you are going to advertise and sell a 100Mbps cable network you cannot then justify speeds of 1.5Mbps by saying that speeds 75 times slower than average are acceptable as there is no guaranteed speed or lower limit. That's frankly a crock. It's like advertising a flight from Melbourne to London, then stopping in Adelaide and saying "Sorry, the tickets do not guarantee you'll actually get to London, only that you'll get as far as the plane will go when it's fully laden. The example of London was based on a theoretic distance the plane could travel if there was no passengers and there was a 500kph tailwind.".


As speeds of 100Mbps are not actually achievable under normal usage, this is a case of making false or misleading advertising claims - see the ACCC's guidance on this:


I'm currently getting a whopping 15Mpbs on my connection, so shouldn't really complain as it's only 7 times slower than advertised(!)


As an aside, I've lived overseas and even 10 years ago places like the UK were getting faster broadband speeds than Australia does today - and for less than half the price. Aussies are ripped off left, right and centre by cowboy outfits like Optus.


Definitely one for the ombudsman. Probably one for ABC's "The Checkout" too.


If you can't fulfil it, don't sell it!! And I'm still waiting for my Samsung tablet 10 weeks after placing the order. Useless...

New Contributor stussy
New Contributor

Re: Extremely Slow speed 2Mbps~7Mbps on Cable (supposed to be 100Mbps)

also getting major slow downs in fairfield west 2165


with cable speed pack



down from 9/10 MB

Contributor terrywang

Re: Extremely Slow speed 2Mbps~7Mbps on Cable (supposed to be 100Mbps)

15 June at around 11:30pm, 2122 NSW the whole Optus Cable network went down. Major outage since I signed up with Optus.


Was it a part of the alledged "2nd network infrastructure upgrade"?


Problem was fixed over night.


On Optus Network Status Page, it was still listed there:



Last update: 16/06/2015 14:00:12

Services Affected: Voice & Text, Internet and Email


We've identified a fault which means you might experience issues with voice and/or data at the moment. Our team are on to it, and aim to fix this as soon as possible. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Contributor terrywang

Re: Extremely Slow speed 2Mbps~7Mbps on Cable (supposed to be 100Mbps)

It's been 2 weeks since the last update.


There has been no improvement for night "Netflix" peak congestion, still getting


Recenlty kids start to use Fetch TV a lot as school holidays started, they were complaining about the "bandwidth low" warning window when they watch streamed TV, I had to "do not show" this window again abut I know the problem remains (slow, low quality videos etc...).


During the day off peak, the speed is acceptable 90Mbps+.


However once Netflix time starts every night, the speed is like SHXT!



Last Result:
Download Speed: 3001 kbps (375.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 829 kbps (103.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 45 ms
Jitter: 13 ms
Packet Loss: -1%
7/1/2015, 8:11:59 PM


So what is Optus's plan to fix the night peak congestion? Looks like nothing has been done so far. When is the ETA for the next infrastructure upgrade?