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External Antennas for HUAWEI B525 modem


Hi Crowd,

Recently switched to Optus Wireless Broadband with the HUAWEI B525 modem. I live in a remote area and only have marginal reception, like maybe 1 or 2 bars. The B525 has 2 external SMAF antenna ports, which may improve reception.

Documentation suggests to only use carier i.e. Optus recommended antennas.

( I live in a valley in a forest about 4 to 5 km from the Optus tower ).

So what is the Optus recommended antenna for my situation ?



Re: External Antennas for HUAWEI B525 modem


Optus do not provide any list of antennas.

Its not a 1 size fits all approach and you would need areas that suited your requirements along with terrain, frequencies of the service and other conditions.


Numerous companies that specialise in antennas, including a few that do site surveys to find the bestr solution for you.

These of course have no affiliation to Optus.

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Re: External Antennas for HUAWEI B525 modem


OK, thank you.


I will see if I can get someone out here to do a site survey. There are also some antenna companies, which allow you to borrow/rent one of their antennas to check it out.

Re: External Antennas for HUAWEI B525 modem


I'm using this outdoor antenna for Huawei B525, it works great for me, you may have a try:

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