Experiencing Heavy Congestion at Glen Waverley , Melbourne,VIC

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This has been ongoing for me for an extremely long time.

I can provide a full record of my speedtests at different times of day on different days and tbh not too pretty. As night time network is really slow and i suffer packet loss around 2~10% on however i do not have a record of that.

I am on a Unlimited Bundle that included my Phone and TV although the TV #Stan is almost never used.

I think this is because of Node congestion , as i check with the fault team earlier this month. When they go through the usual ON/OFF Router , ETC give me a temporary boost somehow for 5 minute, then says noluck i ll send you a SMS when upgrade is finish on your area, which is sketchy. I wonder when the upgrade is commencing.


I wonder if Optus is any better in the Balwyn area as i would be moving there next year.

Here is speedtest just about 5 minute before this post

1. I would like to know is there an ETA on the upgrade for my area because if not i am going to ask for compensation for at least 25% of my MAX speed boost as i am only getting 3~6% as what i should get, anyone would let go of a 50% but 3 % no way.

2. Is it possible for me to switch back to ADSL or does optus have to send someone to my house again and switch things up.

Re: Experiencing Heavy Congestion at Glen Waverley , Melbourne,VIC


The upgrade may never happen as it seems to be the standard answer for congestion issues. Best to ask then for a commitment on time frame and if they can’t give you that then it might be time to move on.  It’s a bit hard to know what is going on in in Balwyn however if it’s any conciliation most of the cable complaints I have read have been further out in the eastern suburbs. Smiley Happy

Re: Experiencing Heavy Congestion at Glen Waverley , Melbourne,VIC

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Thank you for your reply, Yeldarb,

Sad to hear. Eastern Suburb

I kinda see Timeframe and ETA about the same thing, please point out the difference for me. Or maybe a mod here can inform me and any sort of Timeframe/ETA for the Upgrade around my area.

With NBN not yet in store and ADSL not working with the generation of Web.

That's a large chunk of users, i hope optus is not just going to dump them into a trap full of #Best Effort Service. On some of the post the Mods claim that Optus do not boost Netflix, whatever.  On a smaller scale Just like youtube i guess on a 3Mbps network gg for everything else.


Essential i feel i am spending money on service i am not getting, i wouldn't even care as much as if it was for the benefit of other users but this make feel i am getting scammed for no reasons, i think your suggestion of moving on is very good idea if Optus come out to this post and say we can't do anything.

Here is a 12 o'clock update as to when ppl go to or plan to sleep.

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Well as some of the Mods will point out my opinion is somewhat tainted however I do know that if I was paying for something that I wasn’t getting I would be wanting an eta or time frame on when I will be getting what I am paying for. If they couldn’t answer that question then I guess I would be wanting a discount until such time as they could give me an answer. This $25 discount they have been handing out for users getting a fraction of the speed would be an insult for me. Anyhow I guess it is up to the individual.


Umm Box Hill, Knox, Boronia and Ferntree Gully I have noticed many complaints coming from.

Re: Experiencing Heavy Congestion at Glen Waverley , Melbourne,VIC


Hi people,


I just signed up to Optus cable in Glen Waverley a few months ago. Started off at 30+ Mbps during the day and normal usage times, now it is less than 4 Mbps. It seems the deals they have been pushing are a hit and the bandwidth has dropped by a factor or 10 in my area. Even late at night and early in the morning the best I can get is around 10 Mbps. The old naked ADSL2+ (which I dropped because we were always hitting the 20 GB limit each month) data rates I got where much more consistend at around 8+ Mbps which was fine for streaming video etc., twice as good as what I get now at peak times and forget about public holidays, video is unwatchable. On Australia Day I sat down to an exciting NBA game around lunch time and all I got was sound and 1 very blurry frame every second or so...



Old School


Re: Experiencing Heavy Congestion at Glen Waverley , Melbourne,VIC


Hi oldschool,


Sorry for the late reply.


Have you had a chance to raise this with the techs on 131344 so they can take a look? It may be congestion, but it could also be a fault in the network that's deteriorated over time as well. If so, do you have any reference numbers we can take a at?

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