Exchange upgrades, slowness, finish dates, compensation.


Hi everyone and Optus Support in particular!


I've started experiencing internet slowness on my Optus cable service only a couple of weeks ago and called tech-support only today and got the news that my exchange is being upgraded, hence some issues are expected. The most disturbing thing is that Support could not give me any ETA on this upgrade finish. Then a quick search brought me to this forum and I discovered that people have been in this situation for months and months without any information from Optus.


This is unacceptable, this is not the way of doing business fairly.

1) You know that service is degraded and going to be degraded for some extended periods of time, but you do not provide any information to your customers, neither proactively, nor on demand.

2) You keep charging people for your "service" as normal and even charging for premium service as if nothing has happened.


I lodged my complaint over the phone to Technical Support and putting it here as well. I guess that Optus Support is monitoring this forum. I would expect that:

1) Optus provide me some tentative date on when upgrade on my exchange (North Narrabeen, 2101) is expected to be finished;


In the interest of community

2) explain what Optus is doing and planning to do to keep their customers informed on expected upgrade start and finish dates;

3) explain what Optus is doing and planning to do to provide some refund/compensation to those who experiencing service quality issues.


! Please note, if we do not get any good progress with this by October 16th, I would lodge a complaint to Telecommunication Ombudsman! We would not suffer in silence.

Re: Exchange upgrades, slowness, finish dates, compensation.


Everyone who started experiencing internet slowness recently and got informed by Optus Support that it is due to exchange upgrades please feel free to join this thread Please do not put your complaints here if you are not sure about your internet slowness cause. Let's keep this thread dedicated to this particular topic.

Re: Exchange upgrades, slowness, finish dates, compensation.


You have got my vote and you have basically reiterated what I have been saying for the last 3 months. Smiley Happy

Re: Exchange upgrades, slowness, finish dates, compensation.

Hey vlinev,
I'm more than happy to have a look into the NODE/CMTS you're connected to and see what info we have available in regards to any time frames for upgrades. The reason we don't always have this information available is because there is quite a bit of work that needs to be done behind the scenes before we have a date in place including approvals for upgrades, ordering parts and having people available to do the work required. 
These dates can also change due to other factors outside of our control such as major outages, natural disasters or general high workload. 
If you're able to PM (Private Message) me your internet username, full name & DOB I'can have a look into the CMTS/NODE you're connected to and provide any information  we have.   
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