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Hi All,


Our Cable Internet has been running like a dog. Optus have provided the explanation that there are congestion issues that technicians are working through. It slowed down on Thursday evening and to date no improvement. I've called Optus 3 times in the last 24 hrs and I have been given no ETA's.


On the verge of switching to a service provider that actually has half decent support & updates.


When is this being expected to be resolved???

Re: Exchange Congestion Toongabbie


Heya - With congestion we usually won't receive an ETA until a planned network upgrade has been confirmed. If you haven't already you can register for SMS updates with our technical support team on 131344. 

Re: Exchange Congestion Toongabbie


I have the same problem for the last 4 months. I got tired of calling the support and decided to lodge a complaint to TIO. 

Re: Exchange Congestion Toongabbie


How did you go ? If it continues, will need to move to another provider. The poor service was my worst fear.


Today I finally had someone in support change the "channels" on the modem settings. He said 7 and 11 was what was working now. Five mths ago when I joined I was asked to put "1"...So Optus change settings without telling's still dropping. Lets see how it goes..?


Re: Exchange Congestion Toongabbie


Hey @slowinternet007, sorry to hear about the troubles you've been having but it sounds like these may be two separate problems. The channels you're referring to are your WiFi channels - we don't change these on our side, we assist customers to change these as sometimes there may be interference on your WIFi from other people in your area being on the same channel. This can cause drop outs and slow WIFi but this unfortunately won't assist with congestion.

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