Ever decreasing performance of Optus Cable Internet


I run performance tests against my Optus Cable Internet connection on a constant basis and have observed in the last 2 months the connection is progressively getting worse - back in July (after another support call) I was seeing speeds of around 80Mbps (which is expected, since I pay for the 'up to 100Mbps' speed pack - however, 2 months later and I'm lucky if I get more than 40Mbps.


I spent almost 2 hours on the phone to Optus tech support today but just got the standard 'reset your modem' (no better)..'limit to a single connected device' (no better)...'I understand your frustration' (didn't help) and 'speeds can vary' (giving up) - if you look at the graph (below) - it shows an obvious and consistent downward trend in the performance of my link.


Optus obviously cannot fix the problem - so I'm debating my next move - report to the ombudsman or just switch to a different service provider.


Anyone else seeing this kind of degradation in performance over the last few months - found a way to get Optus to actually take notice?


Performance test is against the local ('closest') Optus speedtest node...


Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 8.21.22 PM.png

Re: Ever decreasing performance of Optus Cable Internet

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FWIW The "Up To" tag doesn't apply to HFC cable performance. Only the ADSL copper network where factors outside Optus direct control allow all ISPs to 


Your graph looks pretty damning (although its hard to see the axis fine print). Why did it jump from 50 to 80Mbps out of interest?


When is the NBN due in your area? From what I can see, now that NBNCo has bought the Optus cable and that they will junk it completely in two years time, no one is spending much time or effort to improve or maintain it. If it isn't completely busted, I doubt Optus have any interested in fixing it. Sorry.


FWIW Unless you're talking Telstra cable then there are no other options that will be faster in your area than your current setup until you get the NBN.




Peter Gillespie


PS Stop paying for the 100Mbps speed pack (and ask for a refund on past underperforming months)

Re: Ever decreasing performance of Optus Cable Internet


check if optus is doing something with your local node. How is your actual download and internet speed?


1. if you  haven't restart and clear the cache of the your speed test computer. Do a test on your mobile or other device to see if you are getting the same results

2. Your modem is over worked with all the speed test, see if optus will give you a new modem.

3. complain to the technical area and get some sort of credit until the issue is sorted out. 

4. check if your Optus cable user neighbours having the same issue as you. 

5. change NBN if available or Telstra cable, I won't recommend ADSL unless you are next to the exchange. 

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Re: Ever decreasing performance of Optus Cable Internet


Apologies for the delay getting back, @MSJ100. I'm terribly sorry to hear about the difficulties you've faced with your internet speeds. You've mentioned that you've spoken with our Tech Support team about this. Have they issued you with a fault reference or PR number? If so, please send it to us via PM here so that we can investigate this further.

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