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Does anyone know the email address to lodge a formal written complaint to Optus?

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Just don't tell him who you are!



(In all seriousness though, Optus have no complaints email address - sorry I couldnt help myself. The best thing to do is contact the TIO).


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Hidden deep in many layers of dead links and old pages I found an online complaints form.



Re: Email Complaint


Hey @PapaSmurf, we don't have an email address for complaints but if you'd like to send me a PM with your account number, full name and DOB along with the details of the complaint we'd be happy to assist you.


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I made a formal complaint over the phone - which took me 40 minutes to get through to...and then I was transferred (by someone who was totally lost) to another departmewnt which means I was on hold for another 34 minutes. (LOL) So whilst on my journey to make a complaint, I was able to add to my list of complaints.


Optus is literally the worst service company. I've never experienced poorer service.


They actually don't have an email for complaints - most likely because it'll reach it's storage limit within a day.


Most likely optus will do nothing about the constructive feedback I took the time to provide them with because optiu doesn't really care about their customers.


I will never be a customer of theirs. Ever.

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