Early Cancellation fees of home Broadband..


Please kindly provide a general table of early Cancellation fees, six, five, four, three, two and one month prior to end of contract. Need to know costs prior. Please assist directly without the need for calling, even if you have to go by percentages of plan value. Thanks.


Re: Early Cancellation fees of home Broadband..


Hey @SirA_79, your cancellation fee depends on your plan. The Critical Information Summary will contain the maximum cancellation fee. This then reduces equally over the course of your contract.



Max cancellation fee = $200

Contract Length = 24 months

Fee per month = $8.33


So if you had 5 months left to go, you cancellation fee would be $41.67 ($8.33 X 5)


If you're not sure what your max cancellation fee is, you can find the CIS for your plan here. (The name of your plan should be on the front page of you bill)

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