Re: Ea servers (Fifa 17)


Have been speaking to Optus and told that if it's congestion there's nothing the tech will be able to do and there's no ETA when it will be fixed. Makes me so angry that they keep signing people up to an already congested area. I can do anything as my internet is part of my rent but I'm starting to feel like Optus are actually blocking EA servers to allow for more bandwidth for streaming movies. No way this problem just randomly happens at the exact same time every night and not just in my area but other states. 

Re: Ea servers (Fifa 17)


I just came across this post and I have the same issue with Fifa 18.  Never had it with 17 though.  I live in Colombia(south america) and just finished a call with EA support.  She mentioned the same prolexic hop and of course said it's my ISP here that is paying akai for the ddos protection.  Now if I use my dedicated streaming VPN from torguard I don't get that hop and actually hit some ea sport chicago servers that do not show on my non vpn tracert.  Another weird thing is that I can play Madden 18 without issues yet Fifa has been complete crap since I bought this years.  

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