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@Shae you mention you have no issues with Fifa. Can you please let us know exactly what times you are playing, for how long, what time do you log in etc etc. do your log in circumstances match ours? Additionally,  can you please post your trace routes at the time we are experiencing these issues to see what the differences are? If it is an Ea issue, maybe we can show them differences of 2 unique customers both with optus, but one goes down the nice route and we go down the dodgy route.


lastly, I never received a response to my question from a month back: regardless of whose fault it is, it remains clear we as users cannot play Fifa at these times with OPTUS. Can you please confirm in public that if we want a trouble free Fifa experience, we should be looking for other service providers?



Re: Ea servers (Fifa 17)


Hey there, I posted about my connection problems back on page 1.


About a couple of weeks ago, my connection started working again (apart from a couple of days when I had the same problem).  Hadn't changed anything with my setup, same weekday/times etc.  I saw a few posts from people a couple of pages back who had similar success by they got no reply from Optus saying they had done anything.


Here's my tracert when the connection was working.  


* Unknown Host * 1 266ms 2 279ms
* Unknown Host * 3 0ms
* Unknown Host * 4 0ms
* Unknown Host * 5 0ms
* Unknown Host * 6 296ms
* Unknown Host * 7 332ms
* Unknown Host * 8 302ms
* Unknown Host * 9 761ms
* Unknown Host * 10 897ms
* Unknown Host * 11 0ms
* Unknown Host * 12 0ms
* Unknown Host * 13 988ms
* Unknown Host * 14 1121ms
* Unknown Host * 15 1083ms
* Unknown Host * 16 1140ms


Looks like it goes from Optus to Singapore (203.208...) then to the USA (4.79...) skipping telstraglobal.

Either Optus fixed something for my area or it is just luck of the draw.  I guess it rules out anything being the problem on EA's side.


I thought the telstraglobal route was what was causing the problem, but I did another tracert tonight (below) and it was identical to the trace I did when my connection wasn't working.  Although, it is after 11pm so it may not matter.


I can give it another shot tomorrow at a better time and report back.


* Unknown Host * 1 2
* Unknown Host * 3
* Unknown Host * 4
* Unknown Host * 5
* Unknown Host * 6
* Unknown Host * 7
* Unknown Host * 8
* Unknown Host * 9
* Unknown Host * 10
* Unknown Host * 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
* Unknown Host * 21
* Unknown Host * 22 23
* Unknown Host * 24
* Unknown Host * 25 26




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I have had success on and off in the past few weeks, always between 7-11pm.


it was good for 2 weeks about a month ago, then went off, then yesterday worked well again. I have started using LAN connection although I'm pretty sure that's not the solution, when it was off it was off on LAN as well.


the strongest proof of it being an Optus issue is the fact I can connect easily through any other connection, 4g with Telstra, 4g with Optus, neighbours Telstra wifi and ALL my friends who are on Telstra have no issues

Re: Ea servers (Fifa 17)


Hey everyone, given the recent convo we've been having, we're raising the issue for you however as this is the second time and the team have provided a resolution in their eyes, I'll need some more documentation to support escalating the issue. The more info that we can get, the better, however we'll need complete info. If all the information isn't complete then we'll be unable to add your details to the investigation. Are you able to copy this info to PM and send it to me with the following:


Attn Shae and Jax



Trace route when the game is working:

Trace Route when you're unable to connect:

You internet username for your Optus service:





@kvds @NHLinden @Nbv @Snakey92 @Seano123 @jimmyodenbreit @Masa @Toine888 @jellomanpie @Ozy_86 @Ben88 @Ivan_Mish @SeanDoh @Batshoey





Re: Ea servers (Fifa 17)


Thanks for trying to resolve this. I appreciate that this is not your doing.


are you able to provide instructions on how to get the tracert logs for those of us who are not technically minded?


as an aside, and I understand if you cannot advise, but what are our chances of getting a credit for the mobile data many of us are using as a workaround?


i used about 3GB over last month, and will likely use more this month, as I've not been able to get on at all for the last 10 or so days.


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Bugger me, all this time I thought the ea servers were screwed until I searched "optus ea server problem." Never had a problem with iiNet adsl, then Optus got the premier league, $20 more a month for football and a cable connection? Why not I said! Now I have almost 56k speeds between 3pm and 11pm and no Fifa between those times. Netflix always seems to work in HD no prob? But then again so did iiNet. Optus yes (eternal runaround)

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Hey there @Seano123 Not a problem! Smiley Happy You can find info on how to run Trace Routes HERE.

Happy to take a look at what's going on with the mobile data, can you please PM me with your mobile number, full name and DOB?

I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community. This guide explains how everything works on here and you should also check out our Community Guidelines.

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I am on an Optus cable connection in Brisbane and am also having issues connecting to the EA servers on weekdays during the specified times. I will PM Shae traceroutes as advised. I hope that the Optus team will seriously look into this. It is part of the reason why I got a cable connection with Optus in the first place.

Re: Ea servers (Fifa 17)

[ Edited ]

I'll be transfering to telstra cable if they don't fix this. No ifs or buts about it.

Re: Ea servers (Fifa 17)


Also not working for me ALWAYS EVERY NIGHT BETWEEN 7PM AND 11PM in brisbane.


Too say its not your problem is passing the buck Optus. The fact this occurs for all these people and at the same time is NOT A COINCIDENCE.


If the game and EA had these problems they would occur randomly and would not be affecting so many. Nor would the game work all other times except your (optus) peak times.


By the way, i read in an earlier comment this happened on saturday or sunday all day. This also happened to myself. Optus must have been experiencing high levels of traffic due too the wet weekend.


I have done trace routes for both working and not working and the results are close enough to identical. So to blame this on the servers does not seem logical.


Pull your socks up, swallow you pride Optus, and fix the problem. 



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