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WOW! It’s not just me! I’ve been with Optus cable for close to ten years. Nothing but issues the last 4 Year’s. I’ve had them out twice to rectify slow internet speeds. I upgraded my Apple WiFi base as recommended. We still have issues. I have records of extremely slow speeds over the last 2 Year’s. It sounds like some sort of class action is the only way forward. How many people have proof of slow internet speeds over time that have not been rectified by Optus ?

Re: EXTREMELY slow cable speed


Unfortunately, most people wouldn't even know how to check their connection speeds, so can't provide proof of the lack of service that Optus provide. People like us who record their issues do have proof and should be compensated for this rubbish!

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As usual, I see Optus is right on the customer service path. People have been posting here about how poor the service (internet) and customer service is from Optus, and of course their is no reponse from ANYONE at Optus.


Now, you have the nerve to send me another bill for a service I haven't been able to use.

Re: EXTREMELY slow cable speed


It seems like so many people have the same problem with me!

I’m on 100mb cable plan for almost a half year now, but the speed is just getting worse and worse, for last 4 months, during peak hours the speed is like 4mbs, and there’s 5 people sharing this internet, even I keep rebooting the modem but it’s just same! 

It’s really unusable! Even can’t load some YouTube video smoothly.

last month I called the technician center, the guy on the phone acknowledged this problem but when I asked how long Optus company needs to fix it, he just said “I don’t know!”

I think I will cancel it very soon!!

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Wow glad I found this thread, better cancel the cable switch over within cooling period. 

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I am also having this problem for last 2 years. For last few days it is even worse. My download speed is 0.03 Mbps around 10 am in the morning. During the night it is 1.17 Mbps. Calling optus support is no help. Just the usual replay of turn off your router and wait for 30 secs and plug it back again for the same crap. 


FYI: They have designed their tech support call menu in a way to mislead you that you are exhausted of all options to proceed further. If you hold on to the call after 10 seconds there will be voice to say press 3 to talk to a representative.

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I have finally found a solution! After 2 years of tearing my hair out with OPTUS, I signed up with Telstra Cable today. Let's see if their cable service lives up the the hype! It cannot possibly be worse than the Optus Fable Cable.


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Would move to Telstra in a blink if was available in my area, been with Optus for over 15 years, but cable speed is so bad that I had enough.


Today site can't even do upload test, shows error. Ping is ~200, download speed 1-2 mbps.

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I have been a happy Optus user for over 15 years but over the last 6 months have been totally disappointed with the slowest speeds. (even joked about going back to dialup until I realised it may not be a bad idea).

Distraught to know that I may have to leave Optus after all these years but I am so over the extremely slow speed delivery. I looked at upcoming optins for the Optus NBN but it appears it will be a bigger cost for the supposedly equal speed which, from all intent and purpose appears to be poor also.


Get it together OPTUS or I am gone.


PS. just got a call from a friend visiting a small town in southern NZ and showed his speedtest of 29.2mbps DL and 35.1 UL. WOW!

Re: EXTREMELY slow cable speed


being on a 30/2 cable connection and receiving the above speeds during peak hours..


"There are troubleshooting tests you can run through at home to isolate any issues - Optus".. in other words.. you customer.. go get busy with something non productive so we can make a little more money off you until you decide to leave..


This is what I get off-peak so there is nothing I need to trouble shoot on my end.


How about Optus address the main issue rather than ask customers to "There are troubleshooting tests you can run through at home to isolate any issues'..

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