EXTREMELY SLOW internet at night

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I just signed up the big bundle deal and found out the internet is unbearably slow at night!


I did my speed test around 10p.m several times in different days they are all under 1mb for downloading and 0.3mb for uploading. Although I also tried it in the morning and it turned out the speed was acceptable, around 12mb for downloading.


I called up one of the support phones and the guy told me it's because of the internet congestion at night and he said he can't do anything about it. I asked if he can send a tech over to check out whats going on because the speed is obviously not normal, he said he can't do that.


Is this how it normally works? Paying for $95 bucks per month and use your internet service that can't even load a page?


Really hope you guys can do something about it. I work in an IT field and slow internet is the last thing I want.


My account no is xxxx xxxx xxxx xx

Re: EXTREMELY SLOW internet at night


If support is telling you it is congestion issue then there is very little you can do about it short of asking for a discount on your bill and getting them to fix the problem. Unfortunately waiting for a fix can take days, months or may never happen at all.

Re: EXTREMELY SLOW internet at night


Hi daisyxu0924


Sorry to hear about the problems you've been having with your service, were you provided with any time frame in regards to a network upgrade?


The Tech Support team have tools that will confirm if congestion is the cause of the issue, unfortuntely sending a tech to your address won't resolve the slow speeds


Just so you know, I've hidden your account number for security, please don't post personal info moving forward

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Re: EXTREMELY SLOW internet at night

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Hey daisyxu0924


Sorry to hear of your issues Smiley Sad


If you have been told there is congestion then sending a tech out will be pointless


Were they able to check to see if there are any upgrades planned for your exchange, this might be good to know before assessing your options


In the meantime the only thing I could recommend is to look at ways to minimise the impact of the slow speeds in the evenings to try an enable you to be able to do some of the things you need


Things like turning off any devices that use the internet that are not being used, schedule any updates or downloads to happen during the day when the speed is better limiting streaming tv or at least reducing the quality if able and so on. I understand this is not a FIX but just some ideas to lessen your headache when trying to complete required activities during these times.


All the best Smiley Tongue


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Re: EXTREMELY SLOW internet at night


 Hi Tris,


No I wasn't provided with any information about any sort of upgrade. I've been with Optus for about a month now and its always been this slow at night for the whole time. 


Is there anything that can improve the speed at all? 

Re: EXTREMELY SLOW internet at night


Hi Jabba,


Thanks for the reply. I'm living by myself for now and there are no other devices that use internet other than my laptop.


The support guy on the phone said it might be a congestion issue, nothing was confirmed whatsoever. At least I will need to know the exact issue that caused it and if its possible to solve it.


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