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New Contributor Sarahgeoff
New Contributor

Drop Outs

We called at that start of February to advise that we were having a lot of drop outs. Optus needed to send a technician who when they came said it was a known issue. We then received a text saying that it should now be fixed. 2 weeks later we are still getting lots of drop outs.


Optus call also mentioned that we would receive a credit to our account for the 2 days, but no credit has shown up on the last bill. Any ideas on how to get 1. the drop out situation fixed and 2. how to get Optus to honour what they have advised in relation to the bill.

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Honoured Contributor
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Re: Drop Outs

2 days equals $4. If Dave yourself the time and frustration of trying to get that chased down. 


On the drop outs. I can only suggest you start again. Did they ever improve? Request a technician cone and check your line, not just a general area fix.




Peter Gillespie

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