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Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Don't sell new connection in MT Waverley

Stop selling new connection in MT Waverley, Victoria if you could not serve existing customers. The speed has been 0.4MB and in best case 3-4MB. Support has a predefined answer "I checked and see that there is congestion present in your location, it could be due to majority of customers in your region using the services could reduce the speed."




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Honoured Contributor

Re: Don't sell new connection in MT Waverley

Seems obvious doesn't it? Unfortunately with the arrival of the NBN Optus management appear to have made the joint decisions to stop upgrading their network and to just sign up any who can join.


Coupled with this is the sudden growth in Netflix etc and it's are selling only an unlimited 

packagege with a decide to stream lots. Outcome? Not surprising.


Unfortunately Optus like most of the big  telcos have kept up the congestion when the NBN arrived. Thankfully it appears they are finally starting to buy sufficient bandwidth to provide reasonable peak hour speeds.




Peter Gillespie