Does Optus recommend to replace modem only when its faulty?


I would like to hear from Optus on below conditions and recommendation to my cable modem:

1. in some bad days I have to restart my modem (either just turning it off and back on, go to the main modem address and reset or unplug the power and plug it back in) more than once a day.

2. Sometimes the internet light is not showing, but no outage in the area (confirmed through Optus Network Status site and Tech Support team), then they reset the connection remotely.

3. But some good days, I get over a week period without restarting the modem.

4. Recently, even after resetting my modem only showing power and downstream light on even after a few restarts and the Tech Support is recommending to send the tech support. But somehow, the next hour everything is back to normal.


I suspect the modem is on its way to failed and I believe the modem already have a good run. Would Optus recommend to have this modem replace while still in this condition? or modem must be 100% faulty?


The reason I asked, because during my call with the tech support, they said that they cannot get a technician available on the next day. We are now living in the era that internet is essential and I don't know if this is acceptable service level to get customer back on line.


I would like to know what my options are.


Re: Does Optus recommend to replace modem only when its faulty?


Are you on HFC Cable?


The issue may be the modem, but it also could be the network it is connected to.


Its quite possible that a new modem won't resolve any of these issues.


As a tip I have set my modem up to a power timer. Its set to switch off at 3am and back on each evening. I found the daily reset to reduce (remove) the need to power cycle my modem during the day. 


Otherwise, book a tech to come test your line and request a replacement modem be sent out if that doesn't find anything.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Does Optus recommend to replace modem only when its faulty?


I am using a Coax Cable, which connected to an Optus NetGear Modem. No NBN on my street yet.


Having periodically reset during certain time it’s a great idea, but I am worried as sometimes after restarting the modem loose the internet connectivity. (Which I indicated in one of the symptoms I mentioned)


Would you know if asking Optus to conduct line testing and replacement modem is a part of the service as Optus subscribers? Would Optus have a policy to attend to this if the Internet service and modem still in semi working condition?

Re: Does Optus recommend to replace modem only when its faulty?


Like all businesses, Optus have an obligation to provide equipment and service fit for purpose. AFAIK they don't have a specific replacement or line testing policy per say, but depending on how things are and who you are speaking to you'll get varying action responses.


You can certainly request a tech come out and test your line. The issue might be though that a few resets a day are considered within reasonable operating parameters. You are on the Optus HFC network which has been sold to NBNCo and will be junked in two years time. Its possible (probable?) Optus have stopped improvements and even maintenence on the cable, so long as a basic service is running. 


Squeaky wheels always get the attention though. So request a technician and/or request a modem. I'm just saying they may not fix your situation.




Peter Gillespie


PS reseting the modem while other devices are not connected (i.e. 3am) might not have the reconnection issue you have when you reset the modem in daytime. 

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