Re: Do I have to switch to NBN from Cable?


Appreciate the clarification. Yes any (lucky) areas that already have fibre will presumably dismantel the HFC cable. From here on out though the HFC will not be replaced with fibre. I don't have any exact figures, but I'd suspect less than 10% of the current HFC network has had fibre laid along side it.


It wouldn't surprise me that two HFC networks are kept in place down the same street. As mentioned HFC is a shared medium so retaining both makes sense (it would probably cost much more than saved to tear down one of the HFC and swap people over if they did.)




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Re: Do I have to switch to NBN from Cable?


I just moved house (from cable to NBN) & my Optus plan or plan price hasn't changed (I am still on contract)

Re: Do I have to switch to NBN from Cable?


If you were on a contract you were most likely on a current plan which would be the same as they harmonised the cable and NBN offering a while back.


Those lucky folk on an older plan are getting things like speed packs and unlimited download for quite a good price which makes moving to an NBN plan a more painful exercise. I guess you could say they are being rewarded for being loyal to Optus Cable over the years.

Re: Do I have to switch to NBN from Cable?


Hi Guys,


I really really appreciate that you gave me a lots of messages.

It has past around 10 days since I posted my problem here.

The result is... I decided to switch to NBN from cable.



Recently cable's connecting was so bad and so slow.

Then I heard the cable will finish one day so I consider to switch or not.


I contacted Optus and asked about NBN then he gave me a very good deal.

After switch to NBN, I have to pay extra $5 every month but I satisfied the deal.

I can't say I'm happy yet because I don't know how fast and good the NBN is.

I have to wait the technicians (from NBN and Optus, 2 separate days) for 2 weeks more so maybe I will report later.


Anyway the cable will finish one day (don't know when) so I don't have to panic at that time.

Thank you so much every body. I really appreciate your time for me.





Re: Do I have to switch to NBN from Cable?

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A few months ago I was informed by optus that NBN was available in my area and was advised to upgrade at some point. Not satisfied with the optus NBN plans (I would be paying more for 100mb speeds I was already getting on cable) I decided to connect NBN with another provider. Long story short, I have been waiting 3 months from ordering NBN and still do not have a connection due to a "technical issue" on the NBN network (which all resellers use including optus). A few weeks ago Optus dropped my cable internet without any notice, it just stopped working all of a sudden. After calling tech support they said they had upgraded their infrastructure to NBN and the cable service had been switched off. They would only pass me on to their NBN sales team. I have now been without internet for weeks while I wait. As a web developer working from home this has been incredibly disruptive and I have racked up hundreds of dollars on mobile internet charges. Despite having no connection, Optus is still sending me bills. The whole thing is a mess and IMO a big scam. So yes, you have to switch (quickly) and if you dont switch within a couple months they are likely to drop your cable connection without any notice (but keep charging you). What a bad joke. #nbnfail #optusfail

Re: Do I have to switch to NBN from Cable?


Hey @jverban, I'm really sorry to hear about your experience Smiley Sad When you can, could you please send me a PM with your full name, account number and date of birth so I can chase this up for you? Have you been given any indication on when the NBN will be installed? Jax

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