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New Contributor

Do I have to stay with Optus if they cancel my contract?

An hour on chat to have a simple question answered. Deceptive evasive answers from Optus. 


Optus are cutting off the cable service I have, thereby cancelling my contract. Chat just told me I have no other option but to resign to Optus NBN, or pay a cancellation fee. 


Has anyone else been told the same thing?

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Do I have to stay with Optus if they cancel my contract?

I seem to be bumping into you today @Booms . NBN Transfers is a bit of fun for me so to answer your question no you don't have to resign and no you don't have to pay any cancellation fees. As you say Optus are cancelling the contract from their side and they can't force anyone to sign new contracts. 


Optus got a decent slap on the wrist for doing just this misleading and deceptive conduct last year. I'm surprised some staff still haven't got the message.


The only grey area I can see is that theoretically optus can say you must remain with them until the actually do cut off your service. However this generally hasn't been the procedure and optus generally allow NBN transitions to occur prior to Optus unilaterally cancelling your service. 


I'd suggest you try get through to the retentions department or find another customer service agent that is happy to confirm you can leave without penalty. Most will do the right thing. Try get the comment emailed or do a copy and paste on the live chat session (don't just get it emailed to you as that doesn't always work) 


Peter Gillespie

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