Disgusting Service - No internet for a month


I have moved to a new home and have been trying to get my home internet service relocated. The service in my new home was meant to be activated on 20 July. It is almost a month now! Saying that I am frustrated with Optus is an understatement. A few days before the activation on 20 July, I followed up to make sure this was still in place. After reaching out, I was informed that the activation date has been changed to 22 July. On 22 July, no service. I reached out and was told that it could take up to 24 hours for it to activate. On 23 July, no service. I reached out again and was told a Technician needs to be sent out - on 26 July. On 26 July, no service. I reached out and was advised it could another 48 hours for activation and that I will be assigned a Case Manager for my Complaint that was raised days ago. On 30 July, no service. No call back and no one assigned to my Complaint. I've now lost track of the sequence of events, but since then I've had a Telstra technician and Optus technician come to the premises. I've been told a number of reasons for the delays - workload issues which resulted in a reschedule from the Technician, copper wire theft to which the Exchange has been barricaded and cannot be accessed. Every time I reach out, I am fed inaccurate and misleading information as to what the issue is.


The supposed FINAL technician came out today (13 Aug), and what he could not get the service working. What was concluded was that the building is NBN only, and I cannot continue my ADSL service. I'm on the phone with Optus again and everyone is palming me off to someone else. Speaking to the NBN team, they said that my building is not NBN-ready. The outcome of this call is that someone else will be contacting me again.



Re: Disgusting Service - No internet for a month


Update: Just got a call back from Optus and they said it's Cable that I need.....


Re: Disgusting Service - No internet for a month


Hi GRichardson,

That is disappointing to hear that this is still ongoing and what a poor experience it has been.

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