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Disgraceful customer service!!!

4 weeks and still waiting for an internet connection. Have had 4 work orders raised and told to be home between 1pm and 6pm. No technician and no call to advise on any of the 4 occassions. Then told by chat that i was lying as they don't tell anyone to wait at home.  Pfffttttt.




Have spent 4 hours on the phone this morning alone getting shoved from department to department with everyone shifting the blame and no one even trying to resolve it.


There are 3 service charges of $60 per month on my account when i don't even have the 1 working i signed up for. Online chat can't see the issue. 


All up over 4 weeks I've taken 7 days off work, spent 28 hours on hold and 1.25 hours talking to someone, after being on hold for up to an hour been cut off 4 times,  4 daily trips to take my daughter to a friends house so she can do her online schooling, deferred my studies because I couldn't attend the skype conferences, spent hundreds using ny mobile data and back on medication for anxiety. Is this acceptable Optus????? 


I have been a customer for 23 years and this is the service i get.....


Disgraceful. Absolutely unacceptable!!!


*****Somebody fix this issue now as no one on the phone or live chat can do anything******

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