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Disappointment and need help with home broadband internet

I have ordered a relocation 2 weeks ago, and I have received confimation messages from optus team. However, the internet is still not accessable after talking to 3 or 4 different technicians through live chat and 2 different technicians to come in to my place. Problem isn't fixed till now. The followings are the timeline of my relocation.

20/2 14:43
relocation order is underway from message confirmation.

25/2 18:30
relocation request has been proceed, NBN service will be activated on 1/3 from message confirmation.

NBN technician came to install nbn, tested with the modem and it showed working perfectly, still no internet access. Asked me to wait a few minutes.
I contacted the online supporter later on, the online staff  Rosalind ask me to wait till the end of the day, just only few backend activities pending.

Still no internet access. Online chat again, they said the the connection seems fine in their side, need to send another optus technician on 8/3.

Technician came, had a look at the modem, and started to call nbn for support, spent an hour to wait for someone to pick up the call, they said the customer address is still on my old address. Technician gone straight away as he said he still got another job to do, and ask me to wait. Nothing is done, still on no internet access.


So after all the confirmation with my relocation and every single optus live chat staff that I contacted had confirmed with my new address. The back end system still has me in the old address? I understand and know there is 3-5 business days to wait for the relocation, but it is now way too long. The optus team just receiving my money and kept me waiting for 2 weeks, plus nothing is done with the internet after all the conversations with online technicians and 2 different technicians to come in apart from drilling a hole on my wall. 


I just want to know when is my internet going to be accessable and will there be any compensation with the time I wasted on waiting the internet.

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Trusted Contributor

Re: Disappointment and need help with home broadband internet

I wouldn't worry about "compensation" until the service is up and working, that way you've got a full timeline.


I would go down the complaints path if that yields no fruit, then contact the TIO as a last resort.


If your NBN "device" (NCD, NTU etc etc) has all its lights set like it should, then the rest of it is an Optus flaw in getting the NBN service active.

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