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i am new nbn customer with optus. currently having troubles to get my phone service up and running - nothing to do with installation of hardware, the network team just needs to activate the service. it's been more thatn 2 weeks ince i've raised this issue and they have not provided me with any resolution. they have attempted to call during business hours but as a full time office worker, i was not able to attend to their call. i tried to give them a call back numberous times but it is impossible to reach them. i tried to get in contact with a case manager, but was unsuccesful after being put on hold for  more than 10 songs. as a new customer, i'm feeling very dissapointed to experience this kind of customer service and definitely was not expecting this from such a reputable company like optus. i have requested numberous to get my issue and complaint escalated but getting no resolution.


has anyone experienced this before? what should i do to get this issue sorted?


thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Re: Disapointing customer service


Have you tried following it up via Live Chat? You can speak with them at, ask for a Team Leader if needed and or ask them to Lodge a Complaint and ask for a reference number, to have someone from the complaints team assigned to assist resolve the issue.  Sadly, with all the issues with NBN, all the providers including Optus are struggling to balance the demand of NBN and resolve all the associated issues in getting services up and running, mainly caused by NBNCo.


Speak with the Technical Support Team and see if they can get something esculated for you, or ask for a CSR to raise a managed complaint for you to help get things sorted.  Live Chat is available out of Business Hours, so chat with them now and see if they can get things sorted for you Smiley Happy


Re: Disapointing customer service


Thank you for your kind suggestion!! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy 

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