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Has anyone else had a problem where a very long standing direct debit bill payment option has failed.  I got an email from OPTUS advising direct debit had failed as it was dishonoured by bank but a request for this current payment was never sent to the bank by OPTUS.  When I contacted OPTUS they advised that my direct debit instruction had lapsed even though I did not request it, my bill showed that the account would be paid by direct debit and I was necer advised that the direct debit had lapsed. This direct debt has been in place for over 9 years.

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Hi Lottie5,

It sounds like a one off incident. 

Thank you for raising this issue.
We’re unable to look into account details on Yes Crowd so cannot provide an explanation for this.

If you're not satisfied with the response you received you can contact Optus and request to speak with a Manager.

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