Difficulty with ABSOLUTELY everything


I am a new Optus customer. I moved from TPG because I didn't get the service I needed. I have had nothing from Optus since I joined. I cannot find my account number or any other details. I am trying to log on - ring - join online and can do none of it because every method I try requires me to enter information I don't have . . .  I tried to ring and after entering approx 15 different selections I was even advised by the phone recording that I should ring back when I have my account number.


I don't have anything and will have to physically walk into a store because I CANNOT even ring them without the recorded voice sending me a text!

Re: Difficulty with ABSOLUTELY everything


I too am a new optus customer. When I placed my order I was given an order number. I used this number to make contact. 

I did have to wait until I had my sim activated before I could set up my account online. 


I hope that helps. 

Re: Difficulty with ABSOLUTELY everything


Hi @disgruntled2, When you ordered your new service, were you given an order number? If you have an order number, you can go to the tracking site to get the status on its delivery.  If you don't have an order number, what is it that you are trying to find out or do?

Re: Difficulty with ABSOLUTELY everything


Hey @disgruntled2


Sorry to hear that this has been the experience you've had.


Our 24/7 Sales Support team can look into any orders which haven't been processed and see what's happening. 

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