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New Contributor
New Contributor


Hi.Apparently my modem is coming today? As I need to go out can you give me an approximate time for delivery? Tried through StarTrack but no luck.


sue **

*** ***Pine Road Everton Hills Q 4053. *****

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Delivery

Hi @Sueysue, just jumping in quickly to edit your post. Keep in mind, it's a public forum and we just don't anyone getting a hold of your personal details.


What sort of modem are you expecting, is it for a Home Broadband service (NBN/ADS/Cable) or Wireless Broadband service? Our Home Broadband modems are delivered by Toll and do not require a signature upon delivery.

They'll simply leave the package somewhere safe. If they cannot find a safe spot to leave the package, they'll leave it as your closest post office. 

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