Decrease in Download Speed during Peak Hours


We are paying for the $115 Entertainment Pack which provides us with un-capped cable internet. We have noticed a decrease in download speed during 6pm - 11pm. We normally recieve 3800 kb/s (kilobytes) during "off-peak" hours and around 200 kb/s during peak hours. I think that this is the cause of the Netflix launch to Australia and Optus supposedly giving Netflix users better bandwidth compared to non-Netflix applications. I have other mates that who are with Optus and experiencing the same problems. And my mates who are with Telstra get their regular speeds. We hope that there is a way to fix this problem as it is very unfair and annoying.

Re: Decrease in Download Speed during Peak Hours


I've had very much the same issue. If you look on Whirlpool's forums for the Optus sub-forum you'll find a thread about congestion, it's loaded with many posts complaining about the same issue. I haven't heard a reasonable answer, in fact any answer from an Optus Rep about it. It seems like they are hiding it under the rug because they just want more customers even though their network is well beyond capacity. I think they'll keep going until the whole show comes to an end and the thing overloads and completely stops working.

I don't know how 100kb/s is considered "broadband" let alone "SUPER FAST SPEEDPACK PREMIUM etc.. etc.." when I'm paying around $90/mo for cable, I expect it to actually let me watch YouTube videos and surf the web. Not struggle under the immense pressure that Optus brought onto themselves by allowing 6 months unlimited netflix on a network that was already struggling to death.

Re: Decrease in Download Speed during Peak Hours


Hey mulberry_,


It's sounding like you're experiencing congestion. Can you please confirm if you've since reported this to our Faults crew on 131344 and if they've detected that your connection is experiencing congestion, did you provided your mobile number so when upgrades go through, we'll notify you?

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