Who is sick to death of the automated data top ups with the extremely delayed notifications? Who believes it’s a legal money making scam? I’m sick to death of it and think Optus need to get fair and just let us know we have used our data and ASK if we would like to purchase more data. I’m pretty sure it could all be set up automatically. If their notifications of usage balance and top ups can be delayed 48hrs then they should give us the same time frame to have the chance to turn off modem and stop using data, not keep piling on the automatic top ups even after we have received he first one and turned modem off immediately. 



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Given the 10 minute delay in data usage reporting with Telstra and a paid option to have your data speed reduced I agree that Optus is behaving like crooks. If the past is anything to go on they will hold out to the last minute before addressing either of those 2 issues.

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It is unconscionable, I agree. The issue is particularly bad given the erratic usage updates Optus provides (promising within 48 hours only). The fee has also not changed since the begining despite the huge increase in plan data amounts and the ease in which customers can inadvertently download Gb in seconds now on services like Netflix. When plans we're 10Gb then pehaps a $10 charge for another GB is waranted. But now they are 200Gb and Optus would suggest using 210Gb merits a 100% increase in the plan payment.


More than anything its policies like this that make me (and I presume others) treat Optus as something to be wary of. An organisation that seeks to strip its own customers of cash rather than protect them from unwanted expenditure. Why is an honest mutually beneficial arrangement not an option? 


Optus has the ability to track data usage to the second and kilobyte (as evidenced by its prepaid plans that cut off the second you use the data allowed). I agree, at the very (very) least give post paid (loyal) customers the ability to simply cut off data. They can always manually buy top ups if they want to.


Peter Gillespie

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I must say I am rather surprised that both Telstra and Optus still have this $10 per GB penalty. I thought with all the litigation kicking around these days this should have been the first one to tackle.

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