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Data usage suddenly increased


My billing cycle starts on the 10th of the month. Three days into my most recent cycle (i.e. yesterday) I received an email saying I'd used 50% of my data allocation of 200 GB per month. Today, I received a second email saying that I'd used 85% of my data allocation - implying that I had used up 70GB in ONE DAY.

I don't download films, I hardly watch any video and don't play online games, and I expect on the basis of previous useage that my broadband usage would be between 33 GB and 84 GB per month - and generally to the lower end of this range.

All that I've changed in the last two months is that I'm now synchronising my photos and music to iCloud via iTunes on my Mac laptop.

I have two laptops and a Time Capsule on my network and I have an iPhone and iPad which also are networked when I'm home. I don't have other people living in my house.

Optus has told me that my upload is also quite high - e.g. they are saying I've uploaded 8 GB in the last two days.

I have good security on my network.

Does anyone out there have any experience of this problem and how I can sort out what is causing the sudden increase in upload and download?

Thanks for any help.

Re: Data usage suddenly increased

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Synchronising data to the clouds can burn huge amounts of data in both directions. Backing up to your own hard drives avoids this problem.

Re: Data usage suddenly increased


Thanks for your reply. When synchronising to iCloud, wouldn't only those files which are new or have been changed be uploaded? I'm still not clear how it is that I could have used up 70GB in ONE DAY.

Re: Data usage suddenly increased

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Having mutiple devices syncing to the one account means you need to be extremely careful what you are syncing and how you are doing it. With just one setting wrong on any of the devices you could be downloading a complete backup of what is on iTunes / iCloud as apposed to an incremental backup. Any new device or even a device that has been reset may download a full backup again.


It has been my experience that most multimedia is simply too large to sync and should be avoided. 

Re: Data usage suddenly increased


Thanks again for your help on this. And what you've said there all makes perfect sense. Any idea where I can find good information about how to best use iCloud without creating these problems for myself?


Any idea why it seems to have only started to have increased so rapidly over the last few days? I notice my modem flickering like blazes at the moment, whereas it seemed to be more intermittent in the past.


Re: Data usage suddenly increased

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You did say this problem only started after you started syncing your data to the clouds. Short of some sort of malicious code on your devices or your WiFi has been hacked I can't think of anything else that could be doing it. In addition to my thoughts, Optus has said you have uploaded large amounts of data. This can only be coming from you as I can't imagine anybody wanting to hack your network to upload stuff.


Edit: I would change your WiFi password as a precaution. I would also turn off your iCloud until such time as you have a better understanding on what is going on.

Re: Data usage suddenly increased


I have had the same problem three times in 8months. repeated phone calls to optus gets me the same must have used your data. No attempt to tell where it went. I did notice while using my wifi for my tablet and lap top that data seemed to be streaming to the cloud.I dont use the cloud nor want the cloud. but thats all the explanation I can come up with.scotty77

Re: Data usage suddenly increased


@scotty77, happy to take a look at your usage? I'll just need a PM with your account info and date of birth. Thanks.

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Re: Data usage suddenly increased


Hey all

Last month mime and my wife's data spiked going from 2 gb used to 12 gb in a matter of days yet every other month we get no where near close..

At first I thought it was our shared data but I turned it off and it's done it again this month

Any ideas?


Re: Data usage suddenly increased


Hi @Reilly if you can please send through the full name, number and date of birth attached to the account via a PM → we'd be happy to take a look into this for you.

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