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Data usage and Third party billing

    Good Corporate citizenship: It just makes sense!


As a corporate citizen, Optus is much like Tony Abbott. Morally bankrupt with a business character about as ugly as a hat full of shite. Professing to piety and brimming with rewards,  yet knowingly adventagious of its customers' financial and contractual naïveté (albeit lawfully).

 Some multinational corporations have fine form when it comes to taking advantage of loyal customers' ignorance.  I'd just put up with my data gripes, justified though they were, and cough up the extra 10,20,30 dollars a month for excess data... until I spent the better part of six hours trying to speak to an Optus CSR about a fraudulent Third Party Billing charge on my bill. An embarrassing and futile experience that was, let me tell you, although to be fair the CSR was very helpful with another matter regarding my contract. 

I am the victim of  an unauthorised Optus/Third Party Billing subscription to a porn site. I was charged $10.00 out of the blue via SMS, and I replied 'stop' immediately.  I have requested my $10.00 back from Optus, as Optus also profits from this third party billing arrangement. Unconscionable? Absolutely. Illegal? No.

My contract with Optus explicitly states that I am liable for ALL unauthorised third party costs. Hypothetically, Optus could be fully responsibe for this unauthorised subscription, and could still legally charge me anyway. Looks like I lose. Woe is me. Anybody got a Kleenex?

I wonder if the Telecommunications Act, relevant Codes of Practice, and the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 can shed some light on my Consumer rights? It's going to be a very studious week indeed! 

 Wish me luck on this one😆

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