Data drain on brand new wireless broadband


Hi everyone.

We are brand new to Optus, on our 3rd day of a brand new account, brand new wireless broadband modem (Huawei B525) and a brand new sim on the 500GB per month contract.  A few mobile phones, a few laptops - NO GAMING, NO FOXTEL, NO TV, minimal NETFLIX - and I am just watching our data usage fly out the window.  We are averaging 20GB PER DAY.  I spent a lot of time on the live chat yesterday with Optus highlighting the impossibility of this and how worrying it is.  I'm tracking things very closely today and up to midday we had used about 2GB and then we had nearly 18GB disappear in a 2 hour window with only three people in the house, and then in the last 20 minutes at home with NOTHING STREAMING, we have just jumped another 6GB.  I have now got ONLY my phone connected to totally rule out any other device / hidden updating etc and its still climbing faster than I could possibly be downloading, which I am not. I'm even hotspotting my laptop to one of our phones so as not to be connected to the modem.

We have 5 mobile phones in the family on 30GB plans each, and for 3 weeks worth of use prior to getting the modem delivered, we used about 70GB of total data COMBINED with all of us.  Nothing has changed in our data usage, and we had decided to purposely not yet hook up the TV, playstation etc, until we had an idea of how the wifi was going in the house for us on our laptops and mobile phones.  Thank goodness we didn't as we now know we have a clear problem with whatever is going on.


One of the Optus consultants yesterday kept telling me this was last month's data now showing up in this month, even though I did keep reinforcing we are a new account and there is no last month.


I was told yesterday that this issue has been escalated to a service team, but that this could take until 3-5 business days to investigate, which is another week.  I was not offered any other resolution option and I must admit I am really quite worried from both a security perspective and also the fact that just like most families, we need good reliable fast wifi for the kids when school starts. AND if we keep going at this rate, we will hit 500GB in a week or so, and be likely then paying huge fees for a slower shaped service and this will be frustrating and stressful for everyone. 


I am not particularly confident in the consultant who I dealt with, noting the repeated insistence this is last month's data.  Also noting that we have had modem delivery issues (incorrectly processed therefore we only initally received a sim card no modem) and already billing issues (being charged for the modem when we were going into a contract) and already in two weeks I have spent 7 - 8 hours on live chat trying to sort things out, I must admit I am feeling a bit jaded.


I thought I would try here for any expert advice or any other similar experiences or if any other Optus staff might be able to help us out or escalate this quicker or send us a new modem to try to compare if this is an issue with the modem?  Very much appreciate any assistance / guidance / support!


Thanks, hope you are all having lovely days!!





Re: Data drain on brand new wireless broadband


I believe the delayed data usage reporting can cause some confusion as you are often looking at yesterdays data usage today. Have you checked your modem to see if there are any unauthorised devices using your modem? I would think a password change would be a good idea.

Re: Data drain on brand new wireless broadband


Hi there, thanks so much for the reply.  


We considered the data delay possibility, but then if this was the consistent case, then we are guessing we shouldn't have any data on Day 1.  We only activated the account about midday 9 January, but our usage shows 15GB for 9 January.  Then 20GB 10Jan, 16.3GB 11Jan and then  today we are at 26.2GB as of now.  I am constantly checking through the Optus Home app for what devices are connected, and nothing unusual has come up ... and in fact today for quite a few hours, we disconnected everything except my phone and the data still climbed uncontrollably!


Changing the password is a good tip, not sure how do that, I will get my teenager onto it!


I am feeling really worried about this.


Thanks again for replying.

Re: Data drain on brand new wireless broadband


Just an update: 31.1GB final total for yesterday.  


According to a bit of online research, this is roughly equivalent to 30 hours of NETFLIX standard definition movie streaming OR 700+ hours of music OR 1200 hours of internet browsing. We have limited all usage happening at home as we are monitoring everyone and everything and mostly we have only one or two phones connected, I am making everyone use their Telstra 4G mobile phone data and hot spot to their laptops so that we have a very clear picture of usage in the house, I'm utterly tired of thinking about it!  I cannot believe that in Australia in 2019 we still have to monitor data usage - at our house we have no NBN yet, no ADSL+ is possible as we are too far from the exchange and no unlimited internet package with wireless broadband ... and we live in normal suburban Geelong.  We have just moved back to Australia from Singapore where data was fast and unlimited regardless, so this feels like going back in time somewhat.  I must say, getting online has been the most stressful and frustrating part of our entire relocation.


I ended up turning the modem off at the wall just after midnight and today I have reset the password and for today my laptop will be the only device connected!  I will be out for most of the day, so my laptop will not be "working" so it will be interesting to see what data usage occurs today.


Does anyone have any tips on the Huawei B525 router regarding settings or anything that I should check to see why there seems to be a constant data download at an average rate of about 1GB per hour?  Could the internet settings in at Optus be incorrectly applied?  Could the data usage measuring parameters be set incorrectly?  


When the modem and sim arrived, I did spend a few hours on the live chat with 3 consultants each working through the activation.  It was discovered that the internet settings had not been enabled, so one of the consultants had to set things up while we were on the chat - the consultant seemed surprised it was not done already so I am not filled with confidence about the whole thing.


An option we are discussing here is to go to unlimited data on all our mobiles and get rid of the wireless broadband altogether.  I cannot spend my entire waking moments being the data police.


Appreciate any modem advice?

Re: Data drain on brand new wireless broadband


I would wait and see what happens after the password change. Whilst the amounts of data you are consuming is possible it's highly unlikely that its coming from you given the information you have supplied. If the password change does not fix the problem I would raise a case with support as they should be able to tell you what is using it.

Re: Data drain on brand new wireless broadband


Im experiecing the exact same thing. My wifi has only been renewed for 5 days with me by myself at home most of the time. My husband goes to work during the day and come home late night. This morning i checked my usage and i have already used 200 gb ? In 5 days !! On my own ! This is just so impossible because i dont watch any movies i usually just doing facebook and browsing stuffs. Last month 1 day before the renewing date optus auto charge me for another extra 10 gb in the morning so i told my husband to use his 4 g instead , by 11 am without anyone using home wifi optus emailed me to let me know that i have used up the extra 10 gb ... this service is a rip off 

Re: Data drain on brand new wireless broadband


I wish I could tell you our issue is resolved.  Despite repeated contact to the Optus Facebook Messenger team, who continue to apologise and tell me they are requesting updates, we have had no contact from the team actually responsible to investigate and report.  NOTHING.  For over two months.  I have requested an email address of someone I can directly contact to help us out but Optus have told me they do not have this option for customers.  When I queried the Messenger team as to why they cannot help us out, the reply was they are limited in what they can do, but the fact we cannot contact anyone else and have to use them as first contact is pretty disappointing.  They are all saying the right things and apologising but still nothing happens our end.


In fact, at one stage I was advised that our case was marked resolved and closed.  I disputed this, and asked for the details as to WHO closed it and what was said, but of course I was told I was not able to know this information.  So essentially, someone in Optus blatantly falsified work / task completion, essentially lied to the company about what work they had carried out, and unless I had continued to chase this ongoing issue, nothing would have happened.  And I still have no further information about this situation and what may or may not have happened to the person that lied about resolving and closing our case.


We continue to monitor our usage constantly, and STILL when we have hardly anything connected we just watch the data drain uncontrollably.  We all continue to use our Telstra 4G for our phones, and most often hotspot our laptops and even our Apple TV through our phones to try to conserve data.  Even with this limited connection, our data flow is often over 20GB per day.


So for a mobile broadband service of 500GB per month, this whole situation with Optus causes us nothing but stress, ongoing frustration, upset family members who cannot easily access the internet, issues for our teenage children with schoolwork and homework, particularly our VCE student who mostly now hotspots through her phone as I am forever having to turn the modem off.  We don't live a "normal" online life which in 2019 is unbelievable - limited Netflix (again mostly hotspotting), limited Apple TV, my husband and I both work from home and we hotspot, we go to friends houses to do updates on their wifi as we don't dare use ours.  And yet we are stuck as we are too far from the exchange for any other type of internet, so until NBN we have this totally unsatisfactory situation and NO help from Optus STILL.

So we have 30GB each on 5 mobile phones in the house and even with us all using our 4G and hotspotting our laptops and the TV, we don't use anywhere near up to this combined 150GB total amount per month, so we KNOW that we don't use what the modem is recording or what Optus' settings are saying.


I have raised it as a security concern for Huawei - for example when we see nothing but one phone connected and it uses over 20GB in one day then we are obviously worried about our personal information and what might be happening.  I have asked for a new modem to be sent to us and we start again with a new modem at 0 data so we can make sure its just not this modem but of course still nothing from Optus. The latest was that there are some issues seeing what our data is being used for so rather than taking any action from this, nothing has .  But again, this advice to us comes only from my repeated messenging trying to get an answer or some action from Optus.


It is unbelievable to us that this is dragging on for so long and so very disappointing all round.  I hope you have better luck than us.

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I'm still waiting for their updates, today i went to work and once again no one was using wifi and 15 gb has gone. 

If they don't give me the proper report showing how I could use 265 gb in 6 days im going to report this matter to TIO and terminate my contract with optus since im only a month to month contract user anyway. Not going to pay for something i didnt even get to use.  Good Luck with you end Smiley Happy

Re: Data drain on brand new wireless broadband


Hi @teamhay and @Ammratan89, it is disappointing to hear about each of your experiences. 

This is not something that we can currently assist with here on the forum. Please follow our complaints process.  

Let us know how you go. 

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Re: Data drain on brand new wireless broadband


I am experiencing the exact same issue. Our 200gb allowance is eaten up in 20 - 25gb chunks. Our average daily usage is only about 6-8gb then all of a sudden it will spike for no apparent reason with no extra movies/Netflix data being watched in the home. I have changed modem and wifi passwords and kept an eye on the modem log report to check for unauthorised users. I am beginning to think that Optus are falsifying the usage to increase their profits. 


Not a a happy customer!! 

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