DSL wireless security D-Link modem


I've (finally) managed to set up my D-Link (2750U) modem with Optus broadband (ADSL2+) but I have no idea how to set up the wireless security - is this a modem or network thing? I tried using the D-Link setup interface, but whatever I choose (other than no security), it won't work.


Can anyone help setting this up? Do I use WEP, WPA, WPA2, or auto (either WPA or WPA2)? And if I select that, what settings do I choose?



Re: DSL wireless security D-Link modem


Did you buy this modem from Optus, or was it bought from somewhere else?


Optus supplied modems have WiFi security enabled by default, the password is on the bottom of the modem.


If you bought this elsewhere, you can follow the setup wizard to enable WPA2. Do not use WEP as it's no longer secure and can be easily cracked. There's a setup video here.


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Re: DSL wireless security D-Link modem


Thanks for the reply Glenn! The modem I already had, so it is not an Optus modem. When trying to set up WPA2, the modem stops working for some reason, even if I follow the video.


From your reply I gather it is a modem issue, not a network issue so I should contact D-Link rather than Optus



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