DSL outage NSW


Last night I was using my internet and it dropped out...I rebooted the modem several times, changed line splitter, checked cables etc but nothing worked.

The DSL light is flashing but the internet light isn't on at all (sagem modem supplied by optus).

The house phone has a dial tone but when I call from my mobile the house phone doesn't ring (ringing on mobile end though).

I've checked the network status and there's nothing about any outages. I've tried calling optus but they're busy. I'm waiting on a call back. 

I was hoping someone might have some information that will help, or explain what's happening.

Thank you.

Re: DSL outage NSW


Hey Nonnii, apologies for the delay in responding. It does sound like there may be a fault in your line, if you have a dial tone but not too sure what number is connected you can dial 12722123 to see what number is connected. 


The best people to speak with about this are our tech support team on 131344 so they can run some testing and book a tech if needed.

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