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DSL light on, internet light off

As stated in the subject really, internet isn’t working but the DSL light is on.


I’ve moved into a a new rented flat, and was told NBN fibre to the basement is available. Connection was arrived, plugged in the modem and switched it on but only the power, wi-fi and DSL lights light up (all green, solid). Internet light is off, not red. 


When trying to connect to the internet, the modem gives off a signal that can be connected to, but when you navigate to any internet pages, the error message “safari cannot open the page because it could not connect to the server” comes up.


Optus sent a technician to the premises but not the flat who said that there was no issue with the NBN. 


Optus are now sending, and will charge for, a technician to check the internal wiring. 


I’d like to know if this is actually likely to be an internal wiring issue, as the DSL light is on solid green.


Grateful for any help!

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Re: DSL light on, internet light off

If the DSL light is green, and it's NBN FTTB then it's possible your modem isn't compatible with the network.


What modem are you using? 

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