Re: DSL light on, internet light off.


Yes. Had NBN service, moved to suburb without NBN so transferred to ADSL2+.


Re: DSL light on, internet light off.

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Ok the line has to be provisioned before you can get adsl (they should have notified you that your line was ready to go) and assuming that has been done you should get a solid dsl light. Once you get a solid dsl light the modem should work if it has been preconfigured with your Optus username and password. If it hasn’t you need to run the adsl setup wizard that asks for your username and password. This wizard normally runs from the admin ip address of your modem and is run via your web browser. Once you have put that information in you may need to save the settings and restart your modem.


If you can’t get an internet connection once you have done the above there is a good chance the username or password is wrong. If you reset the password you will need to run the wizard again to input the new password. Sorry if I sound like a kindergarten teacher but given this is a new connection I am just not sure what steps you have taken. Please correct any of the information above if you didn’t follow these steps.

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