DSL connection issues



Im currently on hold to the Technical Support line- been on hold for 1 hour 40 minutes. 

I moved house 3 weeks ago. I received an SMS stating that DSL reconnection had been successful. I can connect to the Internet, but it's too slow to use. I need Optus to confirm that the connection has ACTUALLY been successful, and if not, I may need a technician to attend to fix the issue. 

Ive followed all of the troubleshooting steps and logged onto my netgear account to check the modem is working- it is. 



Much appreciated!!!!!!!

Re: DSL connection issues

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Atleast you are lucky to get a slow connection - Optus wasted 2 days ( my wifes and mine respectively) with appointments for which they didn't even turn up. I am very frustrated with the level of commitment and respect toward their customers who pay premium charges for phone/ internet. I dont have internet for more than 4 weeks since my request.

Re: DSL connection issues


Very disappointing! 

I received the SMS stating the connection was successful 3 weeks ago- and NOTHING! I've been stuffing around trying to make sure I've tried everything. Every time I call for tech support I'm on hold for over an hour. I've been an Optus customer for nearly 5 years, but I might just go with another provider. 


3 weeks without Internet while studying is really tough. And paying $90/month. Please help!


Re: DSL connection issues


Hey Guys!


Really sorry for the delay in responding, more than happy to have a look into both of your connections if you can PM me your full name, DOB & the Optus account number or Internet username. 

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