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Customer service torture

Can anyone tell me how to get competent tech support through Optus for my home broadband? My customer experience is so poor that I feel like it’s genuinely impacting my mental health.


Given the phone system is set up to make it impossible to talk to a technician, I’ve had to resort to chats. Because my internet connection is so poor (the reason I need help), the chats keep crashing. So I have no way to get any help!!! This has been going on for weeks!!!!


I am told that any previous correspondence that’s not linked to a reference number can’t be accessed. But because the chats keep crashing, I never get given a reference number. It’s the most infuriating thing ever. I have to go through the same troubleshooting process over and over, even when the previous person has determined that my fault needs additional investigation and is nothing to do with the standard troubleshooting process.


After one of these chats, the tech support person called me and said that because they couldn’t figure out the fault, I had to pay for a private technician to come and prove that it’s not a fault with my home wiring, and that if that was proven, that Optus would reimburse the cost and then send an Optus technician to fix the network/line problem. I was not provided with a reference number. So I paid $189 for a private technician to come as I was instructed and the private technician said it’s a network problem and provided me with a report. So I called Optus back with this info and the person I chatted with next told me that there is no such thing as being reimbursed for a private technician, and that there is no point providing The report!!! Now they are sending an Optus technician (which I’m amazed they didn’t do as a result of the first 8 conversations) but refusing to reimburse me, on the basis that I don’t have a reference number for someone providing that advice that I would be reimbursed! It’s not my fault if your staff don’t document our conversations, provide false information, or your chats crash constantly!!! 


is anyone else here being lied to in this same way? How do I navigate this maze of absolute incompetence? I’d really love to resolve this in an amicable way, given that I’ve been an Optus customer for more than a decade ( with multiple accounts). But unless I can get some good advice here, I’m going to the telecommunications ombudsman.....

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Re: Customer service torture

Go to the ombudsmen. It's the only way to get any results. The system is set up to fail and the technicians don't document anything even though they're supposed to. If possible take a screen shot of any chat conversations you have and provide this to the ombudsmen. 

Good luck

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Occasional Contributor

Re: Customer service torture


I've been trying to resolve an issue with OPTUS for the past 3 wks. It's absolutely obvious OPTUS don't care about their customers....even loyal long-term ones (I've been with them sbout 12yrs). Physically going into a shop is pointless...and they're a FRANCHISE so are quick to SMUGLY) absolve themselves of any questionable advice/devices/products given by other OPTUS store 'assistants'. I've tried various modes of relaying my issue: in store face-to-face X 6 (2 at 1 store, 4 at another) - store assistants are quick to recommend PHONING regarding the issue as they "are better qualified to help" (which begs the question WHY HAVE STORE PERSONNEL AT ALL??; by phone (after lengthy list of options a recorded voice directs you to ONLINE CHAT (makes phoning REDUNDANT, not to mention time consuming); chat online...*USELESS*: kept telling me "has been ended as took too long to reply" after giving me 5 seconds to explain my querie! After 4 tries it was obvious NO ONE at OPTUS online call centre were AT ALL interested in "chatting" with me. The brief intro/welcome opening statement sent to me was so poorly written it was obvious the OPTUS assistants had poor enhlish communication would've been very laboured and lengthy.


I really think referring issues to the ombudsman is  the ONLY way anything will get resolved.

Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: Customer service torture

Hey @Joelypops, the experience definitely sounds like a frustrating one, there's no doubt at that. There's been a lot of back and forth and there definitely looks to have been some misinformation provided. Had we ever generated a fault ticket for you? These sorts of notes in relation to private technicians would be left under your ticket. If we've been unable to identify a fault on the network side of things then we should be offering to send our own contractors.

These technicians are sent out under the proviso that if the fault isn't network related then a call out fee may apply.


We don't reimburse customers if they've chosen to seek out their own technician. Are you able to send us a PM with your account details? We need your full name, DOB and account number. You should also be able to attach the report completed by your technician.

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