Customer Service Nightmare

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I got angry and bored waiting 30 min for customer service that I decided to google “Optus Customer Service Worst in the World” which took me to this page so I signed up (still listening to bad hold music).


So yeah i’ve been with Optus since 1997 and for the past 10 years i’ve NEVER had a positive customer service experience. Every call to Optus raises my blood pressure by about 20pts. First it takes forever to get routed to the right operator... then you hold for an hour... then they keep switching you to other departments until you are disconnected and you want to throw your phone at an Indian call Centre.


So yeah Optus customer service sux. Worst in the world out of ANY service experience i’ve had. If Apple is an example of how to treat customers. Optus is an example of how to *moderated* customers.... especially loyal ones like me and my 65 year old mother who lives by herself and after paying $90 a month for broadband after 5 years only lasts week I found out that the same plan is now $60 and called up to switch.





Re: Customer Service Nightmare


I'm so sorry to hear about the trouble you've been having!


Is there something we can help you with here? You can also jump on live chat -

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Re: Customer Service Nightmare


Hey @Optux, thanks for providing this feedback. I have tagged and submitted your comments to be reviewed as it goes without saying this isn't the experience we want any of our customers to go through.


Please feel free to send me a private message if you need any further assistance with your account and I will be happy to assist.

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