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Today, I spent more than one and half hour on 133311, just trying to transfer $75 credit from Optus broadband account which I cancelled, replaced by NBN. I dont understand why Optus has to make me call to arrange, per final bill instructions, when they could simply credit my bank account, which they have been taking my money over the years through direct debit. End of matter. Or else call me for my decision; dont make me call you, if your customer service is so TERRIBLE! Got passed around every half hour. Finally, got an internet chat representative who insisted on a cheque, so I gave up and just accepted the inconvenience of the cheque.


I wonder at my loyalty of over 15 years to Optus. My daughter took over the NBN account recently and when the Optus installers came, they wouldnt put the NBN modem where we want it, in the living room, for common access. The young chap insisted they could only do the box in the bedroom, close to the outdoor box. And he said we will have to engage our own qualified electrician to relocate if we so wish. I wonder if Optus sent out non-fully qualified electricians or contractors to do the work? The box is left unhappily in my son’s bedroom, with awkward access to our computers in the living room. We seem to pay more for less quality nowadays. Can someone please tell me if we have rights to demand a proper relocation of the box by Optus? Thank you.

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Hi @GY, I'm sorry to hear about this experience. Optus' technicians are not authorised to relocate NBN equipment, this will need to be raised with NBN Co directly. You can contact them via their website or by calling 1800 687 626 between 9am - 5pm, Mon - Fri.

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Hi. A grateful update: NBN eventually re-located the box to our living room, after we showed them we do have 2 alternative locations in the living room that is next to external wall, and in close proximity to a power plug. Their technicians cannot do internal wiring. I am happy and thankful the relocation can and has been done, after some liaison with their representatives over the issue.


However, yesterday, when I followed up on the $75 cheque that Optus was supposed to have mailed to me since December last year, I spent more than an hour with an Optus live chat rep. It ended in frustration, because no solution and no coherent info. I have the transcript of the live chat that showed how I was first told the cheque wasn’t made out, and now it will be; then I was told it was already paid direct to my bank on 20 Mar 18, but I checked my online banking concurrently and couldn’t find any such transaction; then I was told I have to wait till next billing cycle before credit is verified to still exist; then I was told no, payment wasn’t paid at all. Finally, I asked for his supervisor to write to me and I am still waiting.


I cant believe I am spending all this time and effort for $75, but like I told the live rep, I suspect something is not right with the system. Will someone care to comment or please help?

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Hey @GY, sorry to hear you're having to chase this refund. Please feel free to send me a private message with your account number, full name and DOB so I can double check this for you.

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