Current DNS issues?


I am having issues with image links and dns resolution through Optus using wireless home broadband and also 4G network on phone. No images appear on Netflix and several other sites, although I can resolve address and log into Netflix, also have same issues with (a cloudflare based site). As soon as I bypass Optus using a VPN to local Melb server (not on Optus) it all works good - this is not an option for Netflix as it doesnt allow use of VPNs.  


Re: Current DNS issues?


Same issues for me with these sites (and others):

Re: Current DNS issues?


Hi team, this seems critical as its affecting a lot of sites (I run this site and more than 60 + optus mobile users reported issues)



I think has something to do with Amazon Cloudfront / CDN 


@Optus team

Please provide us an update 


What is the best way to to escalate this so the correct technical team get a hold of it?

Re: Current DNS issues?


Re: Current DNS issues?


Is this related to DNS issues? For several hours now, all my emails arrive with no images, instead there are question marks in a small blue box for each image.  (I'm on an iMac running Mac OS Sierra).  Also, some websites work normally, but other websites do not load correctly.  Certain websites just show lots of blue question mark boxes, or instead they just load as a list of text in a column on the left side of the screen, instead of like a `normal' webpage.  Soundcloud is not working at all, not on my iMac, and not on the App on my iphone.

Re: Current DNS issues?


Was this issue solved. I was also unsuccessful while trying to open the following links :

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