Could I take Optus to ombudsman?


Having an issue with internet speed - it fluctuates a lot and sometimes its impossible to work. Optus is not helping and coming back with congestion excuse. Could I take them to the ombudsman for not able to provide the service and still charging?

Re: Could I take Optus to ombudsman?

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I tried that recently after having the same problems. They will give Optus a couple of weeks to get back to you. Optus will send you a text message saying they are investigating. The TIO will ask you to sort it out with Optus first. You call Optus they pass you from one department to the next. You get cut off. They never call you back. My advice is to call Optus. Tell them you’re not getting the speed you pay for. See if they can boost it up NC. 


Check all your Wifi settings to see if you can tweak it yourself. The main issue with Optus is they don’t want to support cable users, with the NBN coming. Their customer service is non existent. They don’t care! If they did they would call you. You would leave a number and they would call you back. Apple has #1 customer service, that’s why they are #1. Optus has none. 0

Re: Could I take Optus to ombudsman?


What sort of connection do you have? ADSL cable? What speed are you paying for and what typical speeds are you getting?


Congesion is the standard Optus out clause and it's not a valid reason for not providing the service they have promised. 


Fwiw going to the TIO won't get your speeds fixed, Otis can't do that. You can request the contract ends though. First step is wrirtig an official complaint to Optus requesting the contract ends. Or try request it online ask for the retention department.


When do you get the nbn




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Re: Could I take Optus to ombudsman?


Ditto to everything that you've posted but alas, the NBN service is just as pathetic

Re: Could I take Optus to ombudsman?


I'm only three months in and will be requesting the cancellation of the service, thanks for the advice

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