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Hi - I transferred from Telstra ADSL2 last week to Optus NBN (I was trying to reduce costs - i had 3 mobile phones, broadban, foxtel and home phone costing me $350+ / mnth) - Optus were $100 less with better mobile storage etc so i switched to Optus with the TV pakage and the 3 phones.

I have had loss of internet, drop out of TV, poor mobile coverage and NO home phone as yet transferred. I try the support chat line which has dropped out on me about 4 times and now i cannot get a support chat at all as they are all busy.

Does anyone know if there is there a 'cooling off' period so i can reconsider the contract and return to Telstra?

Any help appreciated

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Cooling off generally only applies if Optus cold contacted you and you took up a deal from them. Its designed to stop pressure sales tactics.


It sounds like you called them? Its only been a week so perhaps hang in there a bit longer. I agree the frustration of getting someone to talk to is high - and you're not alone in that complaint.


The internet and TV are related and hopefully that should be fixed up as soon as you can get someone to get on to it (Optus are meant to manage NBN people needed). Home phone transfers involves two companies and can take a little while to affect.


Not sure what to do about the mobile reception though.


I suggest you keep trying and hopefully most of these issues should be resolved soon. If they don't then you should be able to end the contract without penalty.




Peter Gillespie



Re: Cooling off period


There's only a cooling off period if Optus contacted you and initiated the sale. If you went looking for the deal then there isn't one unfortunately. 


That said, given your experience Optus would likely release you from the contract without charge and let you find a new provider. If they don't, you can always plead your case to the TIO who may help to. 

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Re: Cooling off period


thnx Peter

Re: Cooling off period


Tnx for response

Re: Cooling off period


Yeah no. 

Do not expect Optus to help you with such things. I tried to exchange a mobile phone within an hour of taking delivery of it and received no help from Optus at all. Not one bit. 

Turns out that just like so many mobile phone companies, Optus has a care factor of zero.

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