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I have recently been connected to NBN.  Optus  cancelled mycontract and set me up with another one which is costing more.  They seem to keep adding charges. Also my internet is much slower than before.  How can I get around this problem?  I did not breack the contract.  If I had, they would have charged me for doing so.  However they broke the contract and I am the one still being penalised with higher charges and poor quality service.  I have been a customer for more years than I can remember.  Now I am looking to change.


Re: Contract and Billing charges


Hi @hs3, sorry for the experience you've had here with your service.


Plan prices do vary depending on the type of connection you have, if you were migrating to NBN then this would likely have led to the price increase given there is some difference in the costs associated with servicing and providing connections on that network.


Might you be able to clarify what additional charges are being added on? Feel free to send through a private message confirming full name, phone/account number and DOB and we'll take a look at the bill, and also check in on your service regarding the slower speeds you're getting.

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