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We recently received a letter from Optus saying our 25% discount would be discontinued. After discussing, we decided to take out their Basics plan, albeit at a higher cost. When we received the details by email, we found calls to Optus mobiles were no longer included. When we tried to cancel the plan, we were advised that it did not have a "cooling off" period. Subsequently, we received an SMS advising that the bundling discount would no longer be included. To rub insult into injury, just noticed that the Basics plan is now $10 per month cheaper and appears(?) to include bundling discount? Tried to discuss all this with Optus so phoned the number included in the letter we received 1800501283). After waiting 30 minutes, was advised that the person did not have access to our account so I would have to Ph either 133926 or 133937. Tried 133926 but this only appears to be a self service option(?) - could not speak with a person about it. Tried 133937, then selected "Accounts" option but again could not speak to a person.

Is this as good as it gets? How do others get through the firewall to ask questions about their plan?

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I would suggest taking some time to go to their shop. It is more time consuming but they are less likely to blow you off completely like they can on the phone.

On a related note, their phone and chat service can be really terrible. Unfortunately, talking to a person is no assurance they will actually do more than lie.

Good luck. If all else fails, try asking the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO - for help.


Re: Contacting Optus


Thanks for that, didn't think about their shop. Seems so easy to deal with them when purchasing a product or service but at other times it is so hard.

Not sure why they conduct surveys all the time - don't have to look far to see whats wrong!

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