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I need to talk to someone about my interenet driopping ut and my phone line with static, Does anyone know the faults contact phone number.


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Try this number -> Optus Customer Service 133 937

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Live Chat is also available here. 

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Why don't you make this "Live Chat" link available on your page. Is it there? I couldn't find.. I went around in circles (I have used it before).. Ended up joining the "Yes Crowd".. WTF is that for?? and posting to Facebook and twitter.

Would've preferred to just use this Live Chat option.

Why make things hard?

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Hey @prettyFace, we've replied back to your other thread. The live chat link is available on our website here → 

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Good luck contacting optus, I was given the number for their Customer Relations Group today and they don't even seem to answer that.  And they continually lie to me.

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Hi @wasteoftime, there is no direct line to our customer relations group. If your enquiry has been escalated to CRG then a case manager will contact you with in 10 business days of us submitting the request. What was the issue regarding? Feel free to send us a PM with your account details. We're happy to try and help out. 

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I also want to know why my home phone isn't connecting straight away or not at all and when it does it is breaking up. I would like to know the faults contact phone number

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