Constant Slow ADSL2+ speed


I think I am not the only victim of slow adsl2+ speed.

We just got OPTUS adsl2+ broadband two weeks ago. but the speed is very STABLE.

download: about 200 kb

upload:  30-60kb

This is NOT an ADSL2+ broadband. I called optus techncial service several times, except asking me to run speed test and reboot the modem nothing else they can do cos the line is good and no congestion. The concludsion is the distance between my home to the exchange is 4km which causes the slow speed and there is no way to slove the issue. So now, what i do??? and why you told me that i can get ADSL 2+ when i entered my address into OPTUS website?? 

tell me something b4 i cancel it and report to consumer affairs.

Re: Constant Slow ADSL2+ speed


They are correct in saying you can get adsl 2 however the distance from the exchange and the line quality will determine the speed. If support advises that they can’t improve the speed then you may have to look at an alternative such as wireless broadband. Smiley Happy

Re: Constant Slow ADSL2+ speed


I take it they are throughput speeds?


What does your modem show for down/up sync rates?


I bet you, you could get faster speeds. If its a line issue, Optus can log with Telstra to investigate. 

Have rarely heard of someone not being able to get 2mbit plus at 4km....

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