Constant Internet Drop out


Hi All


First time post but want to see if anyone has had the situation where there cable broadband in constantly dropping out making it impossible to stream / browse / game. There is no consistant time as to when this might happen and had been on-going now for 3 months.After several complaints Optus sent round a technician who claimed it was cabled incorrectly by the guy who intially installed it and things should now get better, which they have not.


I am on the verge of cancelling due to the frustration this is causing me and the complete lack of care by Optus to resolve the issue. 


I am wondering if anyone else has gone through this and if they did what steps did you go through to get a resolution.

Re: Constant Internet Drop out


What modem?


when you say “drop outs”, is the DS and US lights flashing or not? 


During a drop out, can you access the modem config pages? 

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Re: Constant Internet Drop out


Had the same issue for 3 months now. Had a technician visit and replace gear on the pole.

had a new modem and router sent out.

had numerous chats and resets and still not resolved.

im in Preston Melbourne and due for nbn switchover but this is rubbish. Seriously considering taking all my Optus accounts elsewhere.

Re: Constant Internet Drop out


Thanks for the reply, like yourself I am waiting for the NBN to arrive which is anytime in the next 4 months. I'll definitely be switching over suppliers when it arrives as the customer service has been auful and at no point have they even offered any compensation. I'm in Lane Cove, Sydney.

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