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New Contributor Paul2439
New Contributor

Constant Dropouts

Switched to Optus 4 months ago for broadband ADSL2 service, and Fetch TV is virtually unwatchable due to constant dropouts. Download test was 0.17 mbps. I was getting 10 x this when I lived in Lagos Nigeria!

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Contributor morningside

Re: Constant Dropouts

Sort to hear this - unfortunately we have the same experience in Morningside Qld with no resolution 😞 Honestly it shouldn’t be this difficult. I am looking into a mobile data service as an alternative but am not yet sure how I can do that and keep the fetchTV (which is quite good on the 2 weeks of the year it actually works!)... best of luck - please post if you find a way to get a resolution or response.

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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: Constant Dropouts

Hey @Paul2439, sorry to hear of the issues with your services. ADSL runs on a copper network, so your speed will be determined by the quality of the line to your property. Check out this guide for more in-depth information → What can affect your ADSL speeds


0.17mbps is definitely slower than we would expect though. If this continues, please follow the steps in this guide to get an escalation raised → Slow Speeds: DSL Internet

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