Constant Dropouts and No ADSL


Has anyone else in the Cronulla/Sutherland area been having issues with DSL the last few weeks?

Our service has gone from quite reliable to constant service outages and drop outs. I am typing this in a rare moment of actual service today.

Constantly frustrating. I'd call service but it says over half an hour wait.


Re: Constant Dropouts and No ADSL




Does the service experience speed drops and failure's during one particular part of the day or is it consistantly poor? Could be to do with congestion at your exchange if it tends to be dramatically worse during peak times.


May also be worth checking the faults page to see if there is any upgrades or outages in your area that could be contributing:

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Re: Constant Dropouts and No ADSL


No, all times. No faults on the page, We just have service for half an hour, then none for half an hour/hour.

I guess I'll log a fault - the chat facility seems to have changed though which was looking by far the easier option given the waiting times via phone. Hope it comes back soon.



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