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Connection of new Aus Optus Cable modum procedure

I have an existing optus broadband / wifi modem connected via cooax cable, old and slow but works. I recently upgraded the home plan and got a new cabled modem as well as wifi box,

I get an appalling but better speed with the new wifi transmission  of 0.3 mbps when connected to the old modem but the new modem doesn't seem to connect, 

old modem alone does a whopping 0.02 mbps download speed!!!!

any advice on how I get the new Netgear modem up and running?

is thete something obvious I've missed or am I up against one of those realisations where you think to yourself "of course.... I should have known better than to trust that what I bought might actually work as it should"?

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Re: Connection of new Aus Optus Cable modum procedure

The new modem should plug in relatively the same as the old. When you do plug it all in though, if Optus supplied them, take the opportunity to replace the coax cables to. They're pretty strudy but if they're old they could cause problems to.


Once it's all plugged in and powered up (leave it to power up for a good 5 minutes) connect to it via LAN cable if possible but if not, WiFi will suffice (remember you'll have a new wifi name and password). Once connected, open a web browser. If it loads to your home page you're good to go. If it loads to a registration portal, follow the prompts and if it loads to an error screen, let me know. 

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