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New Contributor Rob-shark
New Contributor

Connection issues with connect of FTTC NBN

I am in the process of migrating from Optus Cable to Optus NBN FTTC. I have been advised that my NBN service has been activated. The NBN box was setup by an NBN tech and has 3 solid blue lights and one flashing. I have connected my Sagemcom router and it has the following lights on, power, lan, internet and WIFI.
I am able to connect to the admin page of the router and it states connected. I have renamed the SSID and password, I can connect to the WIFI from all my devices e.g. laptop and mobile phone, but none of these can connect to the internet.
I have been on the support chat several times with no success, they have sent me a second modem but still the same issue, their only suggestion was to send me another modem.
Please note I have left my cable service active throughout this process as I have 2 teenagers that cannot bare to be without internet.
Last night I did try powering off the cable modem and WIFI router connected to it just in case it conflicted somehow. I reset both the NBN and Optus boxes after powering off the cable equipment, still no luck.
Please help, this has been going on for nearly 3 months now.
Cheers Rob

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Connection issues with connect of FTTC NBN

Hi Rob,


Three months is a long time for Optus not to have resolved this issue. Its also getting close to the time Optus will be shutting off their NBN HFC Smiley Surprisednetwork so you do need to get (even more) proactive on this. Optus for there part are completely responsible for the connection (they can't blame NBNCo)


Obviously sending out more modems is not the answer Smiley Indifferent.


Most important question is what is the flashing light on the NBN modem? I'm guessing its the internet one and its the one needing fixing. Optus should be able to see their modem from their end when you call - have they said this is the case?


I find it a bit strange that your Optus Cable is still operating. Its suggests that Optus has possibly not switched you over to the NBN (aka activated it etc). Optus generally only allow one internet connection per household. This isn't certain though with NBN change overs but is a bit strange.


I would suggest


1) Tell us what the light is.

2) Contacting Optus and ask if they can see their modem from their end

3) Get Optus to get NBN co to investigate your line.


Peter Gillespie

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Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Re: Connection issues with connect of FTTC NBN

The FTTC NCD lights are detailed here (pity Optus doesn't show similar info). So, from what the OP has posted, it seems to be working correctly; noting that the NCD lights appear to just indicate a successful NBN connection (and not a successful Optus connection).


Hence, the obvious conclusion is that Optus hasn't activated the NBN account; I wonder if that explains why the cable connection is still operational. Recommend you escalate with Optus and advise them that sending another Sagemcom is unnecessary. I wonder if their so-called concierge service is just smoke and mirrors in line with their overall support.

Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: Connection issues with connect of FTTC NBN

@petergdownload I think you mean shutting down their HFC Smiley Happy


FTTC unit thats in your home (judging by my own unit).


LAN light should flash (if its plugged into the Optus supplied router)

DSL light should remain solid

Looks like a chain link light should reamin solid

Power light should remain solid.


Tried connecting via ethernet to the Optus router- take wifi out of the equation?

Tried connecting via ethernet DIRECT to the FTTC unit with the lights?

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